Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

May 6, 2012

On Saturday, May 5, 2012 we were coerced by Amy from Your Roots are Showing to attend the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  Amy and her husband Barry shop the festival every year to pick up plants that, they hope,  will soon turn into 500 pounds of their tiny backyard!  While I can usually sarcastically say "good luck" to anyone attempting to yield 500 pounds of veggies in such a tiny space, I've personally seen their work, and if anyone can grow 500 pounds of vegetables in their little backyard, Amy and Barry can!

Feeling spunky, I too hope to yield some vegetables this year.  (With the help of Amy and Barry, of course.)  In my garden so far will be Roma tomatoes, Fish Hot Peppers, Hungarian Wax Hot Peppers and some Thai Basil.  Fortunately, Amy said she already has a plan of attack for me this year.  With some help from my "green thumbed friends", I'm starting this process with much optimism.

As the festival name suggests, the festival was also packed with sheep and wool!  A lot of sheep and a lot of wool!  To my surprise, the wools were amazing.  I should say that all of it was amazing, but these colors just took me back a bit. Unbelievably beautiful! It almost makes me want to pick up my sticks and start knitting again.  (Maybe next year.)

Check out some of the photos that I took while perusing the vendor's tents.  I am in awe at the craftsmanship that went behind creating this wool.

And before it was this, it was this.  Check it out!
And, before it was this, it was this!
There were other fantastic vendors at the festival as well.  Worth the stop!
Next, a little fun with family and friends.
A little $10 ice cream, and then home for naps!


  1. That looks like a really fun day! Stopping by via the SITS Spring Fling. :)

  2. I'm a huge knitter and I'd love to make it out to Maryland Sheep and Wool some time! Thanks for the eye candy (and hi from SITS).

  3. Great photos! I am now a follower (from SITS).

  4. Your pictures are fantastic! Truly. Thanks for the shout out! We are going to find those hot peppers if it kills us;)


    1. I'll hold you to that. Tell Barry I will no an entire post just on him!


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