May 25, 2012

Spinach, Avocado and Banana "Ice Cream" or Smoothie

So, how about that?  An "ice cream" with spinach and avocado? That's what I said...and then I had some.  As a FYI - This recipe is what sold it for me for the Vitamix.  I knew it was a great machine, but I had no idea what it could do.  And, no, I do not work for Vitamix, I'm just a fan.  And, I'll tell you why...

About 6 months ago I started drinking the Dr. Oz Green Drink.  While his smoothie was pretty good, my blender wasn't doing such a great job of blending the drink.  As a result, I was chewing my smoothie a bit.  I knew of the Vitamix, and heard great things about the Vitamix, but I didn't want to spend the money.  Then, as luck would have it, there was a Vitamix roadshow at Costco.  I hemmed and hawed, and then PJ made an "ice cream" recipe... and then I was sold.  Note, this is not my recipe, but one that I'm glad I  memorized!

Again, if you do not have a high power mixer, you can give this a go as a great smoothie!     

In your blender, combine in the order listed below:

1/2 c. apple juice
1 c. green grapes
1 banana
1/2 avocado
1 c. spinach
1/8 cup honey (or sugar)
3-4 cups ice

If using a Vitamix, start on Setting 1and variable low.  Turn on the machine, turn up to setting 10 and variable high.  Use the damper as needed.  Mix until the 4 pockets forms on top of the mixture.  Serve immediately.


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