What happened to my "cool"?

May 30, 2012

Seriously, what happened to my "cool"?  

At what point in my life did I find it acceptable to...

wear my sneakers to work;

wear my sneakers at work; 

wear my sneakers to work with my running pod still attached;

wear a flippy clip in my hair;

go outside with a flippy clip in my hair;

go to the store with a flippy clip in my hair;

go to the mall with a flippy clip in my hair

wear pants that ride up my arse;

go to bed with my work shirt on;

wear maternity clothes 2 years after my baby was born;

wear the same shirt three times in one week to work (not after I slept in it, however);

wear dirty work clothes that have visible marks of my son's yogurt from three day's past;

lick the dirty off of my kid's faces?

Seriously, if anyone finds my "cool" (or my class), please tell it I need it back.  Until then...

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Hello, Hello!
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